bugisu washed arabica

green coffee beans

bugisu cooperative union limited

the home of

pure washed BUGISU

arabica coffee

from the rich volcanic  slopes of mount elgon 

To produce high quality coffee for socio- economic development of Bugisu and Uganda at large.

BCU was formed to grow, buy, process and market high quality standard Arabica coffee for mutual benefits to both farmers and consumers.

The objects of the union are to promote in accordance with Co- operative principles the economic interests of its members and more particularly: –

  • To encourage better farming particularly through improved methods of agriculture and land utilization.
  • To engage in the the cooperative processing and marketing of such agriculture produce of members as may from time to time be decided.
  • To obtain on behalf of members agricultural and building requirements.
  • To make loans against adequate security to members for productive purposes or crop finance.
  • To acquire buildings, machinery, and vehicles and to provide accommodation, transport and other services as are necessary for the proper fulfilment of these objects.
  • To encourage in members the spirit and practice of thrift, mutual help and self-help.
  • To acquire land for farming and ranching purposes.

The Bugisu Cooperative Union Ltd (BCU) is an agricultural cooperative union, owned by coffee farmers who are organised in primary societies across the rural areas of Bugisu sub-region. BCU Ltd is situated on Plot 46 Pallisa Road in Mbale town in Bugisu sub-region (the region comprises of Mbale, Sironko, Manafwa, Bududa, Bulambuli and Namisindwa districts) found on the slopes of Mt. Elgon and the union was established in July 1954.

The Union was started by a group of coffee farmers led by the late Samson Kitutu. The Bagisu then had what was called Bugisu coffee boar. “And after the new coffee ordinance was enacted by the colonial government in 1955, all powers were then given to BCU to take over all the assets of Bugisu coffee board to become BCU. The new Bugisu Coffee ordinance enacted in 1955 provided for BCU Ltd to take over all the marketing functions from the Bugisu coffee scheme as well as all the scheme’s assets except the reserve funds which were held by Bugisu coffee board.

BCU has 277 primary cooperative societies in the sub-region but that out of these only about 240 are active in the activities of the Union, each primary society keeps a register of its fully paid-up members who elect a committee, which manages society’s affairs. Each Primary society is represented by two delegates at an Annual General Meeting (AGM) which later elects Board members who in turn recruit and supervise the management team. BCU has educated children built houses, paid good prices and therefore improved incomes of farmers. Financial statements for the year end are tabled at the AGM where the planning, management and execution of the BCU activities are done by management.


coffee beans

coffee beans

Washed Bugisu Green Arabica Coffee Beans

We have the following grades;
"AA", "A", "PB", "B", "C", & "UG".

coffee beans

coffee beans

washed Roasted bugisu arabica coffee beans

Medium roast

coffee beans

coffee beans

washed Roasted bugisu arabica coffee beans

Medium to dark roast

elgon pride

elgon pride

medium Roasted ground coffee

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